Sunday, 28 June 2015

6 Unsurprising Tips about Taking Coaches to Malaysia

For most Singaporeans, taking a tour bus or coach to Malaysia is the cheapest and most basic form of holiday. For the price of a SEA Aquarium Ticket or a mid-priced restaurant meal, you can escape to pretty much every tourist hotspot in Malaysia within hours. For the seasoned traveler, these tips will be nothing more than a little recap.

Malaysia Singapore Express Bus

Thursday, 18 June 2015

5 Closed Attractions that True Singaporeans Will Miss

Singapore’s 50th birthday is just over a month away. In these 50 years, Singapore has changed so much, building towering skyscrapers and world class attractions. Many older ones are thus left in the dust or demolished. Personally, there are some attractions that will forever remain in my heart, even though they are today just the footnote of history. In fact, this post one of the most emotional I have written for Second Drop Attractions, and any true-blue Singaporean will understand why.

Images of Singapore. Attractions Singaporeans Miss
Images of Singapore is one of many nostalgic attractions that have been replaced. In it's place now are Images of Singapore Live and Madame Tussauds