About the Editor

Sometimes I ask myself, have I traveled a greater distance by running or on roller coasters? For most of my younger life, I found the 2.4km physical assessment run a tormenting experience, and thrill rides were even worse. Yet, in 2011, I somehow found the courage to take my first roller coaster. It was also the first time I attempted a 10km run, and I never looked back since.

I want to become a theme park designer because of my desire to bring happiness to people. I believe attractions, especially well landscaped theme parks are a great escape from the stresses of life. But for now, I work with Grassroots Organisations to develop attractions during community events. Talk about Game Stalls of all sorts, Haunted Houses, Fun Houses and even human powered Dark Rides: No Problem!

In starting this blog, I hope to reach out to people who also have a passion for theme parks, attractions and tourism. Of course, learning about CSS and SEO and all the other nerd stuff is another benefit. I know many other bloggers are quite secretive and closed, but I give you the liberty to contact me directly via deltaeliteenforcer@gmail.com. I trust your good judgement not to spam or annoy me.

Nowadays, I have reduced my running and is moving towards more physically intense activities like ninja warrior, climbing and things of that nature. As such, expect more outdoor and adventure attractions in future posts!