Friday, 27 November 2015

The Most Honest Review of Gardens by the Bay Christmas 2015

Gardens by the Bay is one project I was highly skeptical about. I certainly did not think that land scarce Singapore deserves a second Botanic Gardens, and Botanic Gardens itself was not attracting many large crowds. Yet, Gardens by the Bay has successfully branded itself as the go-to destination for themed festivities, and the 2015 Christmas Wonderland is no exception.

For the 2015 Christmas event, Gardens by the Bay has been transformed into a Nordic Village of the far North. There are multiple dining options, custom made rides and even an ice-skating rink! Yes, you heard right. There is an ice-skating rink. In fact, this event kind of reminds me of 春到河畔 (river Angbao) 10 years ago, when the focus was on the festive atmosphere and family activities. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Exploring Coney Island: Singapore's New Outdoor Paradise!

Hi guys,

Let us explore one of the most classic roller coasters in the world! Coney Island Cyclone at New York City! It has a top speed of 96 kph I am talking about a different Coney Island, and there are no cyclones there. Yup! I am talking about the new nature reserve in the North Eastern park of Singapore, one that is sure to be favourite of runners, nature lovers and bird spotters alike!