Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sentosa Update November 2014

If you have a look at this map, there is A LOT going on! Indeed, I was quite surprised at the number of changes Sentosa Island has undergone (or will be undergoing) in the past few months. Of course last week I just covered the new Madame Tussauds Wax museum that recently opened. This week, let's look at what else the rest of the island has to offer.

New Sentosa Cable Car

The cable cars are already up! In fact, when I took the photos they were actually loading new cars onto the cable. Personally, I think these cars really look like the old cars of the original Sentosa Cable Car. It makes me wonder if they actually recycled the iconic old cars for this new system. If so it will really bring back a piece of Sentosa's heritage back onto the island.

The first station of the Cable Car is at the Merlion, located in between the entrance to Merlion and Imbiah Monorail station. This station is designed to blend into the ground such that it will look like part of a forest from the air. Such a design is part of Sentosa's ongoing efforts to retain as much of nature as possible. The cable car mechanics looks complete although the building facade is still not ready.

The next station at Imbiah Lookout is a through station, which means that the cable car enters on one side and continues it's journey on the other. This is a more conventional station and the curved roof is designed to match the station design of Sentosa Express.

However, I saved the best for the last! The station at Siloso Beach will be the largest building of them all. There are no announcements on what F&B or attractions will be included in the building, though. However, if you look at the building from the direction of Shangri La's Rasa Sentosa Resort, the building facade resembles a giant ship.

The new cable car station will look like the bow of a ship!

Bus Stop at Imbiah Lookout

Anyone who has taken the Sentosa buses know that the bus stops are quite dark, claustrophobic and cramped. Well, this new bus stop at Imbiah Lookout promises wider pathways and a tall, cantilevered roof that makes the whole place feel more spacious. Ramps are also included to make this new stop wheelchair accessible.

KidZania Construction Update

The building facade is almost complete except for the area at the central atrium. There, it looks like there is an airplane nose jutting out of the building! 

Oh no! This plane has crashed into the building!

Sentosa Luge's Upgrading is Complete!

In an effort to make the attraction handicap accessible, Sentosa Luge has transformed both the top and bottom station with new paths leading into the ride area. The summit station (actually blocked by trees) sees a new ramp exit pathway, while the bottom station has a whole new building that houses a platform lift to raise wheelchairs up to the overhead bridge. For better or worse, this arrangement also provides a longer route for queues to form...

Tiger Sky Tower's new Waiting Area

As some famous Singaporean said, "The greatest invention in the world is the aircon." Well, Tiger Sky Tower seems to have bought into this mantra. Their new waiting area is enclosed and air-conditioned.

Unknown Skywalk

Now this is interesting. Just behind Shangri La's Rasa Sentosa Resort, there is construction going on for a really tall (apx 8 stories) walkway. I really have no idea what is this new attraction for. If you happen to find out, please do share in the comments.

It is noteworthy that this single tower is a thick concrete block while the others are much thinner cylindrical steel columns. Or is this just temporary supports?

And Finally

Remember I showed the picture of a stall under construction at Beach Station as part of the Kidzania construction post? Well, my prediction is correct! The new stall that opened is Gong Cha!!!