Thursday, 27 August 2015

USS Halloween Horror Nights 2015 Decorations is UP!

Hi guys, I stopped by again at USS a couple of days back, and guess what I saw? New York City is being transformed into a giant contaminated city with dead birds. Of course, RWS is never shy about the fact that all these are in preparation for Halloween Horror Nights 2015, one of the largest Halloween Events in Singapore!

USS Halloween Horror Nights 2015 Photo Booth
Can you resist the horrors of the blood moon? Or are you just here to take a selfie!!??

The Invaders (New York): 

As of early September 2015, the most heavily decorated area is no doubt New York City. Aliens are trying to take over the world, and it is your job to try and stop them!

Nothing survives in the decontaminated zone, not even this poor little crow!

And if you think you seen the worst, guess what's behind this door?

USS Halloween Flying Saucer
A UFO. Trust me, you can expect more than just LED lights and smoke coming out of this contraption during the actual Halloween event!

Beast Club (Ancient Egypt)

Hungry Ghosts (Jurassic Park)

Welcome to the cursed village

Think this divine figure will protect you from the horrors? Think again!

USS Halloween Horror Nights 2015 will include 4 Haunted Houses and 3 Scare Zones this year. Some rides will also be open during the event, including Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica. Also, there is a "Coming Soon" at Shrek 4D theater on the USS HHN website. Maybe they are doing a haunted 3D show???

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