Sunday, 8 June 2014

8 Rides in USS where you can get wet!

Most people remember to wear their ponchos in Jurassic Park, but is that the only ride in USS where you will get wet? You will be absolutely surprised.

Although USS is not a water park, it probably breaks the record for the largest proportion of rides where a person will get wet. In fact, 8 out of 18 attractions (~45%) comes with a splash or two. In this post, I will explain all the rides where you will get a big splash, and any techniques you can use to avoid it (apply the opposite if you crave for it).

1) Sesame Street and Spaghetti Space Chase

Brief description: This family attraction simulates a flight through space to bring spaghetti back to Earth. It is a short little ride but the space scene is very well done as the stars look quite 3D.
How you will get wet: At the scene where super grover is held by 4 ropes in the arms and legs on the right side, the water will spray from the left side.
Avoid splashes: Sit on the right side

2) Lights Camera Action

Brief Description: This special effects attraction simulates a hurricane about to hit New York City. The actual show is very short but there are quite a lot of surprises.
How you will get wet: Some props like a support column and a ship anchor will fall into the water in front of the guests, creating huge splashes
Avoid Splashes: You will not be wet as long you stand on the second or third row

3) Transformers: The Ride

Brief Description: Autobot Evac has been tasked to bring the All-Spark safely out of the city. The Decepticons will to everything to get it back
How you will get wet: In the 4th screen, Megatron grabs Evac and says "You can escape Megatron". As Evac attempts to shake free, water sprays onto the riders
Avoid splashes: Unfortunately, there is no way for this ride

4) Revenge of the Mummy

Brief Description: This indoor roller coaster pits riders against the evil power of Imhotep, with with backwards and forwards launches, a dose of airtime and overbanked turns.
How will you get wet: As Imhotep says "Serve me and savour eternal riches..." in the second scene. As the warrior mummies jump up out from the side, some cheeky warriors also squirt some water.
Avoid Splashes: You will get most wet on the second row and least wet on the fourth row

5) Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Brief Description: This rapids ride places riders in rough waters as they escape from a massive flood about to hit Jurassic Park
How you will get wet: Well...lets just say... many ways
Avoid Splashes: If you don't want to get wet, don't take this ride. Alright, honestly, I think the priority is that you are not wearing shoes with socks. The water will seep into your socks and you will be uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Also, DO NOT put your stuff on the raft floor. You will soak all your belongings during the drop.

6) WaterWorld

Brief Description: This live show simulates a battle between good and evil over dry land. Attraction includes loud noises, gunfire and a lot of splashes
How you will get wet: Via waterguns and buckets in the pre-show, jet skis during the actual show
Avoid Splashes: Look at the diagram on the left. Sit in the middle areas of the green zone (away from the aisle) or on the red zone.

7) Shrek 4D

Brief Description: Join Shrek and Donkey to rescue princess Fiona from the grasp of the both dead and alive Lord Farquar
How you will get wet: Every time donkey sneezes, when Dragon saves the pack from the waterfall and when Shrek pops champagne at the end
Avoid Splashes: Due to the seat design, every seat has its own set of sprinklers so there is no way

8) Madagascar: A crate Adventure

Brief Description: This scenic boat ride is like a brief summary of the first Madagascar movie.
How you will get wet: A monkey will fling water onto guests just after the crocodile scene. Also, in the final scene, some water from the final waterfall bounces over the boat's edge and into the passenger cabin.
Avoid Splashes: If there is no big crowd, ask to have at most 3 people sit in 1 row and squeeze towards the center near the ending. Also, the splash from the monkey is biggest for people in 2nd and 3rd row.

Finally, a scorpion and the naughty penguins of Madagascar will also spray water during the Hollywood Dreams Parade. So now you know how and when you will get wet in USS. Please comment on whether you like these water effects, and perhaps share your own techniques of avoiding them.

Photos courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa and Dreamworks Animation