Sunday, 1 June 2014

USS Update 1 June 2014

In this month, there are no major new events or experiences offered by the park. One really curious new souvenir is the Despicable Me Monopoly set, found at both the Universal Studios Store and Minion Mart.

From what I see, this version is more akin to the Monopoly Junior game, with its smaller board and simpler currency denominations. However, it is priced at full monopoly levels ($49.90), so I guess only a die-hard minion fan will buy it.

I was also shopping around for transformers toys for a relative, and one (actually quite obvious) thing is that same itemed souvenirs cost slightly more at USS. The megatron+optimus prime set I bought cost $34.90 in Toys R'Us and $37.90 in USS. However, don't forget that season pass comes with 10% discount.

However, the highlight of this update is about Battlestar Galactica. Apparently, some scaffolding and blinds have been erected around the Human side entrance.

 There are some pieces of steel bars (not rebar) behind this translucent covering

From this angle, you can see that the scaffolding extends only to a very small portion of the ride. In fact, the whole thing is perhaps only 2m deep.

It is quite hard to predict what RWS intends to do. Perhaps it is just re-imaging the debilitated entrance in preparation of the re-introduction of the ride. Unfortunately, the small pieces of steel we saw in the third picture is likely to be scaffolding material rather than actually construction material, so it is hard to anticipate what changes.

I will continue to monitor the progress of this new, unexpected development and personally hope that this is not a sign that the ride will be torn down. Also, the new far-far away ride is still not making much headway. Do stay tuned for more updates and share with me what you think is happening to either ride.