Thursday, 24 July 2014

Democracy is more TERRIFYING than you imagine!

In the year 2011, Gonah Goodwill connected the world into a single grid. In 2012, this person brought about the complete disarmament of all nuclear weapons in the world (please don't ask if it includes North Korea). In 2013, he was elected as the leader of all Africa and Australia. He was the bringer of hope, unity to the world. He upheld democracy, our ideal of freedom. What could possibly go wrong?

Today, we are finally going to meet him. Yes, there are over 400 people seated in the Hollywood Pantages Theatre at Universal Studios Singapore, all ready to bask in the success of this great hero. As usual, there will always be opposition. As the great minister prepared to make his dramatic appearance, there was a bombardment of questions from reporters. One of them suddenly shouted:


Security was called forth to put him down, but he managed to break free and charge towards the Minister, still shrouded in smoke. You know, I usually do not believe in critics, but this time, it seems that the rumours are true. In a flash, the person was struck by a bolt of green fire and his whole body was burning. In mere seconds, he lied motionless, helpless on the ground. Gonah Goodwill has revealed his true identity. Democracy has failed.

Details of Halloween Horror Nights 4 (HHN4):

Anyway, this was the pre-show that entertained the crowd during the media preview this evening, revealing the background story behind this year's Halloween Horror Nights (HHN). This year promises to be larger, more immersive and of course, more scary than ever before.

Since it's the fourth time USS is organising this event, this event is literally themed into fours. In fact, there will be

  • 4 Haunted Houses
  • 4 Scare Zones
  • 444 Actors
It is worth noting that the number 4 is a negative symbol in Chinese tradition, being likened to the word 死(die)

Here are some of the numbers for Halloween Horror Nights. The 9 attractions include 4 haunted houses, 4 scare zones and 1 broadway style show, with a terror twist. 

This haunted house at WaterWorld is called THE LAB. And beware, Jonah Goodwill has allied himself with alien beings.

This haunted house is pretty unique. It will utilise Soundstage 28 Building (in between New York and Hollywood) and there is really something different. You will have to try and guess from the name: Jacks 3-Dementia 

This year's Halloween Horror Nights will occupy the same themed zones as last year: Lost World, Ancient Egypt, New York and Hollywood

However, what really excites me the most is the immersive experience outside the haunted houses. At 7.30pm every night, there will be a massive show along DEMONcracy (New York area) that will mark the reign of your terror. You will not even know when the show actually starts - it will simply happen all around you. In addition, the landscapes of the park will be completely transformed. You will not believe what will Ancient Egypt be turned into during the event.

Other highlights include:
  • Be frozen in fear as stunning aerialist and acrobats scare you from above
  • Goodwill has invited you to take part in his victory meal. Trust me, if you dare swallow what is served you have really accomplished something.
  • Don't forget to grab your favourite HHN4 memorabilia

Tickets will be sold from tomorrow (25 July) onwards and are priced as follows:
  • Standard tickets: $68
  • Stay and Scream: $50 (If you visit the normal USS on the same day with a paid 1 day ticket)
  • Frequent Fear Pass: $118 (available on 7 nights and comes with free HHN4 Mug)
  • RIP Tour: $198
However, if you purchase now, there will be early bird discount:
  • Standard tickets: $60
  • RIP Tour: $158
Finally, and that's why I love my USS annual pass, all USS Passholders and RWS Invites Members are entitled to:
  • Standard Tickets: $50
  • Frequent Fear Pass: $88
  • RIP Tour: $158

Media Preview Photos:

All preview attendees are given this limited edition HHN4 cup 

The world has been unified!

In today's feast, only the names are given a twist. In the actual event, even the food itself gets a gore rich makeover  

For more (or rather, less) information about this event, please visit And remember, when you cast your all important vote in future elections, beware of a candidate called Jonah Goodwill