Tuesday, 1 July 2014

USS Update 1 July 2014

There has been a few surprises throughout the past month, from slight adjustments to on-ride special effects to introduction of new souvenir outlets. However, the most dramatic surprise is that we can now be absolutely sure of what the 2014 New Ride of USS will be.

While the park will not allow visitors to take any clear shots of the construction work, it is possible to see everything from the ride Canopy Flyer. In fact, when I took the ride a couple days back, I could see large steel columns similar in diameter to those at Battlestar Galactica, and a few pieces of green coloured roller coaster track hanging on the supports (there were also 1-2 pieces on the ground). The track cross section looked identical to those found on Vekoma's Suspended Family Coasters, though it is too early to guess any layouts.

The trench that has been described by other bloggers like Luke and Dejiki in the previous months is actually the loading area for the new roller coaster.

Since the tracks are specifically painted green, my best guess is that the ride will be outdoors (most dark roller coasters will have black or very dark coloured track). Given the limited land, I doubt that the track will be more than 400m long, so it will be similar in scope to Enchanted Airways. I do hope this ride will have some surprises (eg. spinning cars, motion simulator movements, even 3D scenes like Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts) otherwise it will be too similar to Canopy Flyer.

 From this angle, we can see the support columns of the loading platform area of the new ride.

Some scaffolding can also be seen from this angle. All track pieces laid so far are at ground level so no track can be seen yet
Suspended Family Coaster. Image courtesy of Vekoma

Talking about roller coasters, both myself and a few of my park buddies felt that Revenge of the Mummy has somehow got a little faster this month. For myself, this is evident as the "Floating Airtime" after the first launch is suddenly replaced by a more dramatic "Ejector Airtime" from 22 June onwards. A buddy of mine commented that the second half after the fire scene felt shorter than before. The 2 of us have clocked over 50 rides of Revenge of the Mummy in total so we are quite sensitive to every minor adjustment in the ride.

Another thing, I really hope that the safety video of Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure can make explicit mention for riders to put their legs on the floor at all times (and announce it loudly and clearly in the queue). I rode it 2 times this month and both times I met people who will lift their legs up then the ride operator had to keep on screaming "Put your legs down", spoiling the ride experience.

There is a new commercial at the New York leading to Sci-Fi area, for Panasonic. The interesting thing is that Panasonic is the official sponsor for Battlestar Galactica ride, so is the park trying to give us some hints about the return of the ride? Just to update, there seems to be no visible progress since the scaffolding was erected on Battlestar Galactica a month ago.

Some works to the flooring under Battlestar Galactica. Not sure if it is related to the current ride works.

If you are looking for Transformers Toys, USS has upped the ante for you by adding new shopping aisle outside the main shop Transformers Supply Vault.

Just outside USS, the new Trick Eye museum is experiencing long queues. Even though this photo was taken on the last day of school holidays, the queue to enter was still almost an hour. However, there were only 5 people at the ticketing counter when we walked past.

World Cup fixtures can also be found at the entrance of Maritime Experential Museum. I just think it is quite a weird place to put and it will have received more attention if it had been placed near the betting area.

Joke of the Month:

Stegosaurus eats leaves
Tyrannosaurus Rex eats flesh
What does Popcornosaraus eat?


Alright just kidding, but I am actually quite surprised that USS Actually sells turkey legs. In fact, I never seemed to see anyone buying and eating it (considering how popular it is at the Disney parks)


  1. Great job! I am currently in China so thank you very much for this update!

    It is surprising that the new attraction may turn out to be a roller coaster. Do you think it is possible that the tracks will later be enclosed by a show building as well?

    You mentioned that the tracks are painted dark green. It made me think about possible themes for this ride. Green... and in Far Far Away area.... Hm....

    1. Hi Luke,

      I just think that the park will not have the incentive to paint the track green if they want to turn it into a dark ride coaster. Nonetheless, it is possible for the ride to be indoor (though not totally dark like Mummy).

      Well, Shrek himself is green, but I think it is quite lame if they were to just put another generic shrek attraction. Do hope they will put some attention to the detail and story for this attraction.

  2. I was back to USS last month...my instinct tells me BSG will be change to new ride vehicle re theme into a new attraction...could be it fast n furious. ..The track will remains and just theming new and change vehicle....

    1. Hi Sir/Mdm,

      Thank you for your comment. RWS has not made any announcements of BSG, so honestly I have no idea. But judging by the length in which it has been closed, it matches the time required to build new trains. So it is indeed possible that they are getting new trains and whether they are retheming or not, we can only speculate.

  3. Great trip report. I was there just the other day, myself. It certainly looks to be a suspended family coaster - it will be interesting to see what they can do with the layout in such a confined space.

    1. Hi Iwerks,

      I am glad you enjoyed the post. Actually, the land area is just about big enough to put the 342m standard layout of the Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster. However, I do hope they will do something like the just opened Arthur: The Ride at Europa Park with all the theming and special effects.

    2. That Arthur and the Invisibles Ride looks great, but there are still no signs of a big show building on site. The ride has gained a lot of height since last week and there seems to be more to the station building. If it turns out anything like Escape to Madagascar at Dreamworld, that's not all bad.

    3. The real issue I see here is that USS already has quite a lot of family coasters for Universal Studios standards. I am not really sure it is wise for them to add yet another one if it is merely a plain coaster. This is especially true since USS is very tight on land and they will do better opening rides they are best at - movie rides.

      Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  4. Great blog you got here! The new suspended vekoma coaster sounds good. Any idea when the new BSG or this suspended coaster will open? Hopefully this Halloween? Hahaha

    1. Hi Themeparkfan,

      I honestly have no idea when BSG will be opening. However, there is some construction work going on at that ride now and I speculate that they are doing it in preparation for the ride's reopening. Let's keep our fingers crossed.