Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Genting Highlands 20th Century Fox Theme Park Update March 2015

Alright, it is exactly one and a half years since the new 20th Century Fox Theme Park at Genting Highlands Resort, Malaysia began construction. There is some obvious progress from a Civil Engineering point of view, but certainly none of the attractions are built. Before we begin, here is a shoutout to Esther from my community volunteer group who kindly provided me with the photos.

Genting 20th Century Fox Theme Park March 2015
This is the state of construction for Genting Highlands 20th Century Fox Theme Park as of March 2015


First thing I noticed is the extent of terraforming that is done. As you can see, the whole landscape is now completely flat. The distinct hills that contained the Mine Train, Corkscrew Roller Coaster and Super Toboggan are gone. Well, I guess this finally explains why the construction of 20th Century Fox Theme Park will take so long - moving earth is a time consuming process. Please don't tell the environmentalists about this. shhhhhh

Anyways, the foundation piles for the theme park area is also not ready, although other new structures have already rise off the ground.

The terrain at the theme park area is completely levelled out...

See the hill at the background of the picture, where the Corkscrew roller coaster is located? Its all gone now.
As part of this expansion, Resorts World Genting will also add a 1000 room mass market hotel. Here, you can see that the base floors pretty much completed. Another thing we can surmise is that the hotel will be directly linked to the main atrium at First World plaza. Not sure if they will do 1 single, big long open space connecting the 2 hotels.

Genting 20th Century Fox Theme Park March 2015
The structure in the background is the new hotel at Genting Highlands. 
Another noteworthy area is the (presumably) entertainment district extension in front of the main resort building. One thing you can see is that the ceilings are quite high so I guess it might be a new convention center or casino extension. Let's hope the latter is not true.

Standard vertical columns and extra high ceilings is a hallmark of Casino Resort projects. This standardised building technique can save up to 30% of construction time.

In overall, I felt that the number of construction equipment is surprisingly little. I guess this really shows the difficulty in getting heavy equipment to a mountain peak at Genting. In fact, I really must give a salute to these men who are working day and night in conditions of strong winds far from home.

Once again, a very big thank you to Esther for the photos, and please don't forget to check out my speculation of Genting Highlands 20th Century Fox Theme Park attractions. For more exciting updates, don't forget to like the Second Drop Facebook Page.