Sunday 17 May 2015

Bungee Jump is Coming to Singapore!

I am not kidding you. From the end of 2015, a new attraction AJ Hackett will open near Underwater World, Sentosa. This towering attraction will feature several fear-of-heights attractions like Bungee Jumping and Giant Swing. This will certainly be great news if you are an adrenaline junkie short of cash, for you no longer have to spend $2000 and travel to New Zealand to experience this.

AJ Hackett Singapore is 19 stories high!

…or for the Physics trained, 55 meters to be exact. This makes AJ Hackett the tallest thrill attraction in Singapore, exceeding the 15 storey G-Force Max at Clarke Quay and 14 Storey Battlestar Galactica at USS. It will feature several frightening attractions, such as the Bungee Jumping (duh), Giant Swing and Skybridge. AJ Hackett Singapore is also the first to introduce the Vertical Skywalk, which will challenge you to walk down a vertical wall facing downwards. Yes, downwards!

AJ Hackett Singapore Bungee Jump Sentosa
This imposing structure is the main attraction tower of AJ Hackett Singapore.

The main attraction tower is located across the street from the new Sentosa Line Siloso Cable Car Station, just beside the ticketing counter for Fort Siloso. This is hoped to bring more flavour and excitement to this otherwise relatively quiet area of Sentosa. 

AJ Hackett Sentosa Bungee Jump Map

You need to spend at least $100 more for the Nearest Alternative!

Even though the prices are yet to be announced, let me assure you this: Bungee Jumping at AJ Hackett Singapore will be substantially cheaper than any known alternative for Singaporeans (unless they charge like >$120 for 1 jump). Let me explain. The nearest Bungee Jumping alternative is at Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia. With an admission ticket of RM120, Bungee Jump ticket of additional RM120, RM80 for 2 way taxi transfer and a SGD60 direct return trip ticket to Kuala Lumpur, just the basic package will set you back SGD200. Let us not forget the food, lockers, hotel...

The giant suspension bridge of Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia is one of very few places nearby where you can Bungee Jump

In fact, I am aware of people to will pay well over $2000 to do Bungee Jumping in New Zealand (ok, with a few other activities as well). Of course, doing a bungee jump above a raging river is far more exciting, but you will also be more heartbroken if you spent so much and chickened out there. :P

AJ Hackett is just one of 4 New Attractions in Sentosa!

This is part of its development plan to transform the island resort into Asia’s premiere tourist destination. The addition of a thrilling outdoor attraction will complement the other new family attractions in Sentosa, such as Madame Tussauds Singapore which opened in October 2014 and the new nightly show Wings of Time. In addition, the Sentosa Line Cable Car will open in June this year and Kidzania Singapore is also in the pipeline.

Singapore Cable Car Sentosa Line Siloso Station
The construction work of the new Sentosa Line Cable Car is almost complete!

If you are wondering if I will find the courage to Bungee Jump...just like the Second Drop Facebook page and you will find out soon enough!

FYI: I have not even taken Battlestar Galactica before as of May 2015!