Friday, 22 May 2015

Top 10 Not-So-Scary Roller Coasters in the World 2015!

When it comes to top Roller Coasters, most people think of huge, towering rides like Fujiyama and Fury 325. However, nearly 2000 out of 3000 roller coasters worldwide, including some of the best, are actually the less scary junior/family coasters. These rides come in all shapes and sizes, from wild mouse through motorbikes and even spinning coasters. These family roller coasters can entertain almost any age group, and are the true backbone of the roller coaster world!

All video POVs shown in this article belong to the respective parks, Theme Park Review or Coaster Force. This list is compiled in May 2015 so newer coasters will not be included!

Top 10 Roller Coaster in the world

10) Firechaser Express, Dollywood, USA

One of the newest rides in the list (and in the world), this family launched coaster features airtime hills, explosions and even a backwards portion. With a top speed of 55kph and 740m of track, this ride has an excellent pace and is deemed to approach the excitement level of some full sized coasters.

9) Fiorano GT Challenge, Ferrari World, UAE

When it comes to Ferrari World, most people think of Formula Rossa - the Fastest Coaster on Earth. However, this indoor theme park is also home to an excellent dueling family coaster. Even though it is the fastest ride in the list, at 95kph, it is still slower and has less G Force than Test Track at Disney World.
Warning: Height Limit is 130cm.

8) White Lightning, Fun Spot America, USA

This relatively new wooden coaster epitomises 2 words - family and fun. It has excellent pacing, a few surprise “bumps” and a good length. However, the thing that makes me love White Lightning so much, the ride feels so pure and simple, like the good old days!

7) Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Hong Kong Disneyland, China

This ride represents all the lessons that Disney has learnt after building family coasters for over 50 years. Big Grizzly Mountain builds up gradually from small drops and turns at the start to a huge launch in a climax, allowing any coaster newbie to warm up comfortably. The landscaping is good, there is sufficient storytelling and it is the only roller coaster in the world where the lift hill will break halfway...every time!

6) Air, Alton Towers, UK

Source: Alton Towers

I know someone is going to tell me this is a full sized coaster. By manufacturer specs it may be true, but Air at Alton Towers possess every element of a good family coaster - moderate speed and drops, time to catch a breather, manageable G-Forces. There is a plus here: This ride gives you a very realistic sensation of flying, the only not-so-scary roller coaster to do so.

5) Juvelen, Djurs Sommerland, Denmark

Halfway down the top 10 list, and here is a ride from a park you probably never heard of (at least, if you are Singaporean). Even so, the ride is, in one word, excellent! It is relatively long, has 2 launches, and you are actually sitting on ATV style seats! Since it is always low to the ground, even someone with a fear of heights can ride this.

4) Verbolten, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, USA


Designed to replace the classic swinging coaster Big Bad Wolf, this Zierer launched coaster features both indoor and outdoor elements, excellent landscaping and 3 different ride experiences. It certainly did not let the old ride down!

3) Space Fantasy, Universal Studios Japan, Japan

Source. Universal Studios Japan

Ever wondered how it feels like to blast around in space, spin through the stars like your favourite comic book stories? This ride delivers precisely that. It is such a colourful experience and the special effects give this family coaster an out-of-this-world experience.

2) Orkanen, Farup Sommerland, Denmark

If you look for the first time, this looks like a miniature Battlestar Galactica Cylon. However, this suspended family coaster has far better pacing, is fast and low to the ground and has more near-miss elements than the duelling coaster! Without going upside down, this ride is nonetheless a fabulous family thriller worthy of any full sized roller coaster.

1) Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Universal Studios Florida, USA

Source. Theme Park Insider

What more can I say? This ride has it all: Launch, Drop, Landscaping, Interactive Queue, Synchronised Music, 3D projections. From the start to the end, you are totally immersed into the world of Harry Potter, and the moderate speed and G-Force of the ride allows even coaster newbies to join in!

And so here it is: The top 10 not-so-scary roller coasters in the world. Honestly speaking, the boundary between full sized roller coasters and family ones are narrowing by the day. So what coaster should be in the list really depends on your definition of “Family Coaster”. As for now, why not share with me what are your favourite not-so-scary roller coasters? And don't forget to like the Second Drop Facebook Page for the best theme park updates in Southeast Asia!