Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Enerz Extreme Park: Bring out the Ninja Warrior in you

When you think of a trampoline park, most people will think of a series of trampoline arenas with some ball games and acrobatics. Enerz Extreme Park near KL, Malaysia is much more than that! On top of the trampolines, Enerz will test your physical limits and confidence with obstacle courses, height elements and other exciting challenges. Let the ninja challenge begin!

Getting there

When I was there, many locals told me that they came by car, and there is no convenient public transport to Enerz. The truth is...different. I actually went there by public transport and I found it quite easy even though I totally cannot speak Behasa Melayu. Basically, take the LRT Kelana Jaya Line (pink line) towards Putra Heights and alight at Taipan station. The train journey takes 40 minutes from KL Sentral. Enerz is a 10 minute walk from the station. You can also refer to my guide on KL Rail Network here!

Take the LRT to Taipan station

Just be aware, the walk in can be a little hot as there is no shelter and the trees are very sparse. You will recognise Enerz by the modern industrial building with the logo facing the front entrance. When at the front gate, go to the LEFT side of the building. Don't end up like me go the right side andwalk 1 round around the building.

Enter this industrial building!


Of course, being one of Malaysia's largest trampoline parks, Enerz has lots of trampolines. There are 2 dodgeball arenas, 1 large practice area and other specialist activities. The most popular attraction there is the skydive, whereby you can jump from a height of 10 feet (or 3m) into either an air bag or a pit full of foam cushions. Even though I fallen from height several times while lead climbing, I still find this a bit intense because you are not tied to a safety rope. Also, it is amazing how the kids are jumping down like its nothing and the adults are like...not as confident...

That's a lot of foam cushions

Don't look down!

In addition, there are other trampoline related activities like trampoline basketball and the high performance area (which you can practice the wall drop obstacle on ninja warrior). The trampoline is supposed to help you jump higher so you can dunk the ball like an NBA pro. However, I still need another 6 more inches to reach the hoop. Sighs!

Ready to be Michael Jordan anyone?

Try to bounce and catch the 2.5m high wall. Trust me, it is a lot higher when you are doing it for yourself

Enerz also hosts dodgeball games and trampoline aerobics courses using their trampoline facilities. For the dodgeball, it will be good if you come in a larger group so that they can start the game straightaway. If there are not enough people you will have to join up with other groups. Although the max players is 8v8, I think 4v4 is the most fun for their arena size. (FYI: competitive dodgeball is 6v6)

This is the practice area where Enerz holds their aerobics classes. It is also a good place to practice your flips and rolls!

Preparing for the start of a dodgeball game. Just remember, catching a ball is worth more "kills" than hitting another player with a ball. Thats because you get to kick out the thrower and revive one of your team members!

Obstacle Challenges

This is what sets Enerz apart from other trampoline parks: The obstacle courses. There are 2 main obstacle courses: the gut builder, which is more suitable for kids and smaller sized adults, and the sky ropes, which is for the true ninja warrior wannabe. Note that a minimum of 10 participants is required before Enerz will open Skyrope. As such, either come on with a big group or on a peak day (ie. Saturday/Malaysia school holidays) where you don't have to wait too long before 10 people come. If you really short of a 1 or 2 people, just talk to the staff and I'm sure they will be more than happy to open the facility for you.

You need to climb up this tower to reach the sky ropes!

Yes! The sky ropes run the entire perimeter of the building and is very long! The staff told me it takes 30 minutes to attend.

The other activity is the climbing wall. The left lane has some bumps that make the climb a bit more challenging, but both sides provide very comfortable handholds. Based on my very biased opinion having climbed on Mariner of the Seas and Camp5 before, even the left lane is very easy so this is more for a beginner to experience climbing for the first time rather than any serious challenge.

Note the following restrictions:
  • Gut Builder: height limit of 160cm
  • Wall climbing: weight limit of 70kg, subject to the weight of the belayer

Helmets are mandatory for all height activities

There are no coloured routes in this wall. So just pick what is comfortable

Other Challenges

In addition, Enerz also features other challenges such as the gladiator, whereby 2 players will fight using inflatable logs and meltdown, whereby players have to dodge a swinging arm by jumping over it or crawling under it. At first, I thought the meltdown is very easy, until I got on and realised that the platform that I was standing on is SO unstable.

Don't think the participants are clumsy. The platforms are really THAT unstable!

This is a good place to settle the score!
Enerz host some community events. I actually visited Enerz because of their Charity Event which took place on 29 April 2017. The event is attended by over 100 participants from various institutions around KL and grassroots leaders from Subang Jaya (yes, its the first time I learn about grassroots activities in Malaysia).

[update] I managed to speak to the director of Enerz. He told me that an upcoming adult sized ninja warrior obstacle course will be coming to Enerz in the coming months. Unlike the gut builder, this obstacle course is a ground level so can be made far more difficult. Expect to see a lot of wipeouts! I will update this section again once I am informed of the Ninja Warrior course's opening date.

NOTE: This Ninja Warrior obstacle course is different from the existing Ninja Warrior rope obstacle that you can see on the Enerz website.

Admin Matters

The tickets for Enerz is given in the picture below. In general, it is about 40% the price of a trampoline park in Singapore. Note that seperate charges apply for dodgeball and skyrope (but do not count to your X hour universal pass timing):

Enerz also provides lockers (RM3 - RM5 per use), clean toilets (by Malaysia standards), a water cooler and party rooms. Of course, reservation fees apply if you want to book a party room.

These containers actually contain the party rooms!

There is also a small restaurant at the front of the Enerz building.

The verdict:

Enerz is a good place to visit because it is not a tourist attraction. It is an activity center that provides physically intense and confidence building challenges. Think of it like camp5 except with trampolines and obstacles instead of climbing walls. The staff and friendly, approachable and you can really interact with them while participating in the activities. You will also get to meet a lot of locals. 

In terms of transport, Enerz is far easier to reach from KL city center than District21 at Putrajaya which offer similar activities. The tickets are hourly so it is generally cheaper to go the Enerz if you plan to visit for short duration (2-3) hours compared to District21 or Sunway Lagoon which charges full day admission.

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