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8 ways to save money at Universal Studios Singapore

With a flat rate admission of $74 $76 (2017), Universal Studios Singapore is easily one of the most expensive tourist attractions in already expensive Singapore. By following these few simply tips, find out how to save money at USS.

1) Visit Tour Agency Ticketing Sites or RWS Promotions Page

Since the tickets are the most expensive part, it is only fitting that I start by showing you how to get cheaper tickets. Generally, the best online deals are offered by tour agencies. For example, Voyagin offers 20% off USS tickets. Plus they are the only online travel agency the offers Universal Express Passes at the moment. Also, Klook Travel gives you access year round discounted tickets for USS tickets - including seasonal offers that comes with meal or shopping vouchers! The best part of buying tickets online? You don't need to queue 30 minutes at the park entrance to buy tickets!

There are also seasonal deals on the Promotions Page of RWS Website! However, from my own experience the deals by the tour agencies are better!

2) Purchase the tickets with an RWS Invites Members Card

RWS Invites  has a 20% rebate for Universal Studios Singapore, SEA Aquarium and Adventure Cove. If you know any friend/relatives who is a member, you can purchase a 1 day pass at just $59.20. However, please note that this is limited to 6 tickets per card per day.

You will also gain access to special discounts exclusive to RWS Invites Members! However, please take note that the discounts are actually Invite$ Rebates, so the rebate amount is actually credited into your RWS invites card to offset your future purchase/parking.

Caution: RWS Invites is for Singaporeans ONLY.

3) Eat at Harbourfront Food Centre before going into USS

A typical set meal at USS will cost about $12 per pax, ala carte about $10. This adds up to almost $50 for a family of 4. So, instead of having a late lunch inside the park, why not eat an early lunch before going into the park? Surprisingly, just across the road from Vivocity, there is a cheap hawker center that sells food at heartland prices. For example, Hokkien Prawn noodles is $3/$3.50 and a small serving fried carrot cake is only $2.50. Of course, do not expect the same good quality that some USS food outlets has to offer.

Caution: Food at Vivocity itself is NOT cheaper than USS. Meal will cost $5, Side $2.50 and Drink $2.50, whereas USS typical set meal is $12 with Drink and Side, and better quality.

4) Walk into Sentosa

Taking the Sentosa express will cost you $4, so why not take a leisurely stroll down the beautifully landscaped Sentosa Broadwalk instead? It is only $1, and you avoid all the crowding on the trains!

UPDATE 2017: Up till 31 December 2018, there will be FREE ADMISSION for walk ins via Sentosa Boardwalk EVERYDAY!

5) Bring the necessary items

A 500ml bottle of coca cola in USS costs $2.50. Since there are so many water coolers at every toilet entrance and in the queue of every ride, why not just use the free service? Singapore public water supply is potable. (ie. drinkable) You can also borrow a USS water bottle from your friends, so you can top up soft drinks in the park for just $2. Most USS bottles are larger than 500ml FYI.

Also, bring along a plastic bag to keep all your stuff when taking Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Trust me, the $4 "life saving" ponchos do not really work in this ride. You will still get soaked!

6) Buy a 6 month season pass

1 ticket to USS costs $74. However, for an extra $24, you get to have unlimited access to USS for 6 whole months. This means even if you visit only twice, you would have made back your investment. If you plan to visit once a month, you would have saved a whopping $74 x 6 - $98 = $346. You will most likely want to go with a different group of friends each time.

Not to mention, a Season pass gives you 10% discount on F&B and Souvenirs. University and polytechnic students will love the season pass as it is the same price as the children's ticket, even if you are over 12 years old!

UPDATE OCT 2014: RWS now offers an RWS Invites Attractions Pass that combines the rebates of RWS Invites and privileges of an Annual Pass

7) Buy Sentosa Islander Membership (for Season/Annual Passholders only)

This $25 membership allows you to have unlimited access into Sentosa for 1 year. If you are a passholder and is lazy of walking, if saves you a big deal as entry by Sentosa Express costs you $4, so you just need 7 admissions to break even. (I have entered USS more than 11 times within 4 months of my season pass)

The price is cheaper if you purchase as a family since the price is $50 for up to 4 people, regardless of children or adult! That's a full 50% discount if you have 4 family members!

If you want to enter Sentosa in style, you can even opt for the $39 Faber License, which is essential Sentosa Islander plus unlimited Cable Car rides. Though I don't think I want to call that saving money.

Note: Sentosa Islander and Faber License is for Sentosa Admission only and does not include USS ticket!

8) Ask your company/interest group to buy tickets together

Finally, USS bulk discount tickets are available if there are just 40 tickets in 1 order, and the tickets are open dated (you can go any day you want). The last time I checked, the bulk discount tickets are about $50 each, less if in a very large group. If you can get, say 7-8 colleagues to bring their families or friends to USS (at any date of their choice), you have access to this ticket.

Fixed date tickets are available at a slightly lower price ($5 cheaper), though it means all of you have to decide and agree on when you want to go.

Useful Links

I know 8 ways is quite a mouthful, so here are some quick links that you may find useful in your quest to save money at USS:

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