Monday, 19 May 2014

Welcome to Second Drop - The Attractions Blog

Welcome to the all new SECOND DROP!

Before we begin, though, let me first share with you why "Second Drop". Basically, I was brainstorming for ideas to brand this blog and several come to my mind, including second drop. The main significance of this title is that I think the "first" or "most xxx" ride may not necessarily be the best, so I want my blog to be a post where I explore genuine ride experiences, rather than just chasing records. The "Second" also comes to represent the smallest unit of time, and it reinstates the rapid rate of progress in the theme park industry.

"Second Drop" ended up with 10 votes, 1 vote shy of the winning name. However, I ultimately chose this name as it sounded more professional and because a wider demographic of people cast votes for this name. Once again, I thank all the 37 people who has participated in my inquiry. Among the seven other names I considered include Coaster Kingdom and CAN'T (Coasters Are Not Terrifying).

Of course, the most intense part of most roller coasters is the first drop. Now, let's kick off with some roller coasters with excellent second drops!

picture of Phantom's Revenge taken from wikipedia

1) Phantom's Revenge, Kennywood, USA
This ride stormed into the top 10 of Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Awards simply for having a fabulous 2nd drop, which is almost twice as tall as the first drop. It also has excellent ejector airtime. [video POV]

Picture taken from website of Great Coasters International, a Coaster Manufacturer

2) Wood Coaster, OCT East, China
To match the terrain, this woodie has a small first drop which straights out then enters a taller and steeper second drop. It is a good long ride with an excellent view of the surrounding hills. [video POV]

Picture of Supersonic Odyssey taken from wikipedia

3) Supersonic Odyssey, Berjaya Times Square, Malaysia
The first drop of this indoor coaster is actually before the lift hill; the second drop after. It is one of the largest indoor roller coaster drops at over eight stories and the confined space really gives this ride an excellent sense of speed. [video POV]

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