Sunday, 11 May 2014

NEW way to travel between Underwater World and Merlion!

Sentosa Island in Singapore already has 1 Cable Car and 1 Chair Lift. Guess What? They are now building yet another Cable Car system! Many visitors will agree that it is quite inconvenient to reach the area near to Underwater World. It involves multiple transfers and many times the buses/trams are full. This new system is a timely solution that connects Imbiah monorail station with the Imbiah summit area and Underwater World area.

The sun shines down on a newly erected tower. Taken on 10 May 2014

 Design of Merlion Plaza Station, just beside Imbiah Monorail Station

This cable car will fly above the sensitive Secondary Forests of the Imbiah Reserve. However, fret not. The builders pledged that any trees removed during the construction process will be replanted back! I am also quite impressed by the green roof concept at Merlion Plaza station. It is sure to make the building a lot cooler. In fact, from what I see, the builders are so confident of the cooling effect that the building is open air - NO NEED AIR CON!

 Proposed map of new cable car system

Notice that the cable car will open by January next year 

Merlion Plaza Station under construction

Imbiah Lookout station under construction. It is just beside the Sentosa Luge entrance

A new cable car tower. Note that the cables are still absent

The current Sentosa Cable Car ticket is astronomically expensive at SGD 26.00. I hope that the new system will not charge so exorbitant prices. For me, I think the ideal ticketing is a SGD10-15 unlimited cable car package that allows Passholders to travel on the 2 cable car systems for the entire day. There can also be an upgraded Sentosa Islander Membership at say, SGD40 that allows cable car admission into Sentosa.

How do think Sentosa should price for people to use its much vaunted Cable Car system? Please post on the comments.