Friday, 1 August 2014

USS Update August 2014

There are a lot of things to discover this month in USS. For one, the park has just hosted a media preview of their highly popular Halloween Horror Nights. Also, just 2 days ago (30 July), RWScoop (The RWS Official Blog) officially announced that the new ride under construction at Far Far Away will be called Puss in Boots and the Giant Journey, slated to open at the end of this year.

Here are the latest construction update photos for this attraction:

The first set of block brakes has just been erected as of 29 July 2014. So far, there are no drops, just a couple of really sharp, non-banking turns. It coincides with the description postulated in theme park review that this will be Zamperla Suspended Swinging Coaster.

The press release from RWS also indicated the opening of a new stage show themed to Puss in Boots. Guess what? I also caught some images for this development. It will be just beside the Donkey Live entrance, and I am sure it will bring a lot more life to this otherwise quiet corner of the park (maybe also encourage more guests to visit Donkey Live?). Half of the Donkey Live queue line will be gutted to make way for this expansion. I guess that doesn't really matter, because that half of the Donkey Live queue is almost never used anyway.

Official press release image of how the new stage show

The Halloween Horror Nights merchandise is already on sale right now. It can be found at the Universal Studios Store, which is the shop on the left side (facing towards the central lake) near the park entrance. In addition, the park also added some sweet theming and advertisements around and outside the store. 

I'm not sure why I took this picture but... 

On the day I visit (27 July, Hari Raya Puasa), there was actually a change in the arrangement. Normally, the Season and Annual passholders all enter the park from the left side. However, there was a new signboard erected that diverted all guests to the right side. Not sure if this is a permanent arrangement or is it just for public holiday.

Finally, I do have the privilege of visiting the park with a friend who is visually challenged, and I was totally surprised when the park introduced us to the USS Braille Map. It is quite amazing how they have to expand a 1 page brochure into a 10 page guidebook. She told me that the last page (the 3D map) was actually done by a 3D printer. Man!

Here it is! The magic of 3D printing

There is really so much to discover at the park, I am sure I have missed out something. Please do share about what new discoveries you made in the comments, and I look forward to see you at USS Update September 2014.