Monday, 1 September 2014

USS Update 1 September 2014

With Halloween Horror Nights just a month and a half away, the park is already undergoing a major transformation. In fact, the 4 scare zones of 2014 will be larger and more elaborate than before. In fact, the half completed sets of Demoncracy (New York) and Bogeyman (New York Backstreet) are already on full display.


New York Street has been totally transformed with the addition of a collapsed Statue of Liberty which dominates the entire landscape. There is also a small stack of rubble near to the exit of Lights, Camera Action. However, the most exciting feature, the giant fissure in the ground is yet to be seen. Perhaps it is so special that only the Halloween Horror Nights paying guests will have the privilege of seeing.

However, because of these Halloween sets, there will be no parade in the upcoming 2 months as these elaborate pieces just completely blocked the parade route.


This scare zone is much for intimate and enclosed compared to the vast open spaces of Demoncracy. I guess it means the zombies can really get up close and personal with you. The focus of this area seems to be old furniture and play items. Except this time, you are the toy of Bogeyman!

Anyone dare to take this slide?

This sort of reminds me of my childhood days...

Please be informed that there is nothing set up at the Lost World and Ancient Egypt areas where 2 other scare zones will be located. To find out about the exciting media preview of Halloween Horror Nights 4, click here. Also, dejiki did an excellent job in sharing the details of this event, so please do check it out as well. 

Puss in Boots Update:

The track work for Puss in Boots and the Giant Journey is almost complete. In fact, most work now is focused on the station area. One noteworthy point is that only half of the available land lot is used for this new ride, so perhaps the other half is land reserved for future expansion?

The stage area for the new Puss in Boots stage show is also complete. I am actually quite surprised that the stage is so shallow. I suspect there are more things awaiting us behind the closed curtains! We are just a couple of weeks from the show's official opening, so stay tuned!

Finally, Revenge of the Mummy now uses a biometric system for its lockers. I tried using the system and finds that the thumbprint readers are actually quite slow (though still faster than the previous method of using date of birth). Just a little tip: If you are using your right thumb to rent the locker, don't forget to use back your right thumb to reopen!

That's all for the September update of Universal Studios Singapore. Please do share what you think on the comments. If there is anything about USS or other attractions in Singapore that you would like me to discuss or share, please do comment or message me.